Changing Lives with Water

Lives with Water

ROCKBlue is a global nonprofit working to create a world where everyone in urban areas of developing countries has access to clean water and basic sanitation.

Our Approach
Access to Clean Water and Sanitation
Why urban water?

Billions of people in cities don’t have clean water and sanitation

About 1 in 4 people worldwide lack access to clean water and more than half of the world’s population lives without basic sanitation — the fastest-growing numbers of them in cities. Access to safely managed water and sanitation supports health, education, income, dignity and even gender equality. It also strengthens communities, builds healthy cities and creates a more sustainable environment.
Where we work


by the Numbers

Our partners serve more than 23 million people, 742% more than when we began working with them

What ROCKBlue does

We’ve provided 8 utilities in 6 countries with more than 10,000 hours of management support since 2016

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Our partners served nearly 900,000 additional customers during COVID, while most others lost customers

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More than 5,000 WASH professionals have watched our lectures from more than 50 countries

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Healthy urban utilities are key to unlocking lasting results

There is a massive increase in the number of poor, particularly in urban areas. Proper planning, finance, staffing, new infrastructure and operations/ maintenance have not kept pace. Lack of durable results makes the situation worse. Thus, the very real possibility of illness, death, unrest and economic constriction. This is why we focus on urban utilities and with a long-term approach.
Why we focus on utilities
Reimagining WASH

Our model is proven and the results are undeniable

ROCKBlue is both a catalyst for positive, sustainable change and a thought leader in the WASH space. In sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe, we provide the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to help improve lives and strengthen communities. In 2023, a year of challenges, ROCKBlue volunteers and partners stepped up to tackle local urban water and sanitation problems. Learn more about our work and its impact.
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ROCKBlue - 2023 Annual Report

Need Help with an Urban Water or Sanitation Problem?

Our roster of experts are available to assist you with strategic guidance, practical insights and technical know-how — anywhere in the developing world.
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