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Our Annual Report

ROCKBlue is both a catalyst for positive, sustainable change and a thought leader in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) space. In sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe, we provide the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to help improve lives and strengthen communities. Although 2020 was a tumultuous year, ROCKBlue volunteers and partners stepped up to tackle local urban water and sanitation problems. Learn more about our work and its impact.

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What We Do

ROCKBlue partners with water and sanitation utilities in the developing world empowering them to grow and optimize their operations. ROCKBlue directly and indirectly helps international donors and lenders achieve successful investments in utilities.
About RockBlue

Why do we Focus on Utilities?

Utilities are the backbones of cities providing indispensable services such as water and sanitation and thus fundamental to the lives of millions. Cities are the financial and educational hubs of countries. By improving cities, we contribute to the general well being of a country.
Our Focus on Utilities

What is the ROCKBlue Approach?

Our approach is based on the principles of durability – resources, ownership, connection, knowledge and secondary backup system (ROCKS). Supporting utilities and the individuals working for these utilities to reach a level of self-reliance thus creating an environment inducive to durability.
Our Approach

The ROCKBlue Team

ROCKBlue team members have a passion for seeking more efficient ways of doing things and the expertise to know what works. They are a group of specialists from across the globe that is dedicated to helping others and making a difference.
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