The year has come to a close and it’s a time of reflection on what was achieved. 2019 is best characterized by rapid expansion, growing contributions/benefits to our utility partners and the urban water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) community writ large as well as establishment of a number of new alliances.

We are now working in five countries, 18 cities/towns that serve over 4 million people. Our Roster of Utility Specialists continues to grow. This Roster is an enormously rich resource for our partners. But it is a resource that also has helped the urban WASH community by their contributions to our Knowledge Management Initiative and blog postings on our website.

The following are the year’s highlights:

  • 40 donors who graciously supported ROCKBlue
  •  New relationships with foundations, professional organizations, private and non-profit partners
  • Utility Workshop held in Lesotho with participants from five countries
  • New partnership with Operation Water in Mozambique
  • Seureca/Veolia won bid in Tanzania, which included ROCKBlue – this involves improvement of continuing education capacity in the water and sanitation sector to support utilities and enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Water
  • WSUP submitted bid in Kenya, which included ROCKBlue – this is a World Bank funded Water Utility Performance Improvement Program – Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building in Kenya
  •  City Taps submitted bid for West Africa, which included ROCKBlue – while ultimately not selected the team did win the “Top 100 FAMAE Award”
  • Added new Board member and Chair
  • Established formal relationship with Inter-American Development Bank for introducing AguaRating in Southern Africa
  • Formalized four ROCKBlue initiatives:
    • Knowledge Management and Informational blog posts on website
    • Utility Performance Achievement Workshop Series (PAWS)
    • Women Utility Leadership in Urban WASH (WULUW)
    • Utility benchmarking using the AguaRating tool of the Inter-American Development Bank and International Water Association
  • PAWS Initiative – first Workshop held in Zimbabwe with participants from five countries
  • List of engaged utility Specialists and local Resident Representatives for our partners continues to grow. Note we assign one (point person) Utility Specialist per partner utility and one local Resident Representative.
  • Dialogue begun for future partnerships: Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Kenya