COVID-19 Emergency Planning and Financial Liquidity


A presentation on COVID-19 emergency planning for water utilities. Topics for the first lecture include broad emergency planning requirements, lessons from those already impacted by COVID-19’s peak in Europe and those planning for the peak in Africa, basics of emergency planning and the role of financial planning to mitigate losses in revenue. Topics for the second lecture include financing facilities and performance-based contracts for non-revenue water (NRW) reduction to assist with the pandemic response. This online lecture was divided into 3 parts- Part 1 – Presentation by Jo Parker Part 2 – Presentation by Shannon Riley & Lisa Nations (Castalia) Part 3 – Questions and Answers Session Please see Additional Resources below, after Part 3.

Part 1

Presentation by Jo Parker

Jo Parker

Jo Parker is a Chartered Engineer with over 40 years in the water and utilities industry. Wide variety of technical and management posts with various UK water companies up to Director level. Experience worldwide including developed and developing countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bosnia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Madagascar, Mozambique, Philippines, Portugal. Director of technical and management consultants supplying advice and support to the utility industry. Clients include GLC, UK Water companies, Duchy of Cornwall, UK Water Industry Research, Greater London Authority, major UK energy distribution companies and civil engineering contractors. Specialties: Asset management, particularly of buried assets, water supply and distribution, research management and exploitation, project management, leakage from water pipelines, needs assessment and delivery of projects in developing and developed countries, technical authorship, experienced expert witness including formal reports and cross examination within public enquiries.

Part 2

Lisa Nations
Lisa Nations

Presentation by Shannon Riley & Lisa Nations (Castalia)Lisa Nations Ms. Lisa Nations is an analyst at Castalia, specializing in water sector financing and economic analysis. She has experience living and working in Africa, and has advised on water projects in South Africa, Senegal, and Kenya. Prior to joining Castalia, Ms. Nations worked on mobilizing commercial finance into the water and sanitation sector for TetraTech ARD. Under this initiative, Ms. Nations co-authored a study of the small-scale sanitation service provider industry in Dakar, Senegal, which included the industry’s funding and financing needs. She also assisted in examining legal and financial proposals for the creation of a revolving fund for the water sector in Senegal. During her time at Castalia, Ms. Nations has assisted on a pilot implementation program of performance-based contracts for non-revenue water reduction in Indonesia and the design of the World Bank’s Utility of the Future framework, which assesses the performance, efficiency, inclusiveness and innovative capacity of water utilities. Ms. Nations holds a Master of Arts in International Law and Development Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan.

Shannon Riley
Shannon Riley

Shannon Riley Shannon Riley is Manager at Castalia, a strategic advisory firm dedicated to improving infrastructure service delivery. Ms. Riley specializes in water utility reform and financing, and has advised more than a dozen governments and utilities globally on performance improvement plans, tariff design, and project appraisal. Following the severe drought in Cape Town in 2018, she helped the City Water and Sanitation Department develop a resilient plan to avoid future water crises. She developed the World Bank’s Utility of the Future Framework (2020) and co-authored the World Bank paper Providing water to poor people in African cities: Lessons from utility reforms (2016). As Technical Secretariat to the World Bank’s program on non-revenue water (NRW) reduction through performance-based contracts, she: assessed the outcomes of past NRW projects, built a financial model to evaluate the feasibility and viability of future NRW projects, developed an Operational Manual to guide practitioners through implementation, and conceptualized innovative contract designs. Ms. Riley holds a degree in Political Economy from Georgetown University.

Part 3

Questions and Answers Session

Additional resources

Jo Parker Presentation COVID-19 Emergency Planning and Financial Liquidity
Castalia Presentation COVID-19 Emergency Planning and Financial Liquidity

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