Board Members

The ROCKBlue Board, chaired by Ms. Pallansch, is a strong and mixed board of eight professionals with a diverse background and skill set. The Board has 50 percent female participation and 40 percent Africa representation.

The organizational function of the Board, as documented in its bylaws, is responsibility for planning, policy, and reviewing work of ROCKBlue Directors and key team members. The Board of Directors is also responsible for other business and financial matters including approval of the annual budget.

The Board represents a six-year history. Two co-Founders and Board Members, Messrs. Macy (ex-officio), and Noth have served since the early inception and formulation of ROCKBlue in 2013-14. They continue to serve today and represent skills in NGO management, utility management and international development.

Next in 2015, Mr. Breslin (ex-officio) joined the Board, bringing his expertise gained as CEO of Water for People and his no-nonsense, innovative approach towards development.

In 2016, one of the preeminent utility specialists in Africa, Mr. Mwanza joined as a Board member adding not only his expertise in utility management but also his knowledge and connections with key donors and stakeholders.

Early in 2018, Mrs. Nabakiibi joined, bringing greater gender balance to the team as well as her knowledge of the lessons learned from working with the National Water & Sewerage Corp. (NWSC) – one of the most significant utility “success stories” in Africa.

Mrs. Mohapi joined us in mid-2018 bringing her strong financial and accounting as well as CEO-level expertise to the team. We consider Mrs. Mohapi to be a pioneer, mentor and inspiration to female leadership in the water sector.

Ms. Pallansch joined the Board in mid-2019 and became Chairman of the Board in November 2019. She has extensive leadership experience including her existing role as CEO for Alexandria Renew Enterprises. She is also a brilliant strategic thinker and planner to help ROCKBlue transition from its startup phase.”

Mr. Dunston joined the Board in 2020, bringing his wealth of foundational and public private partnership experience.