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ROCKBlue is a global nonprofit working to create a world where everyone in urban areas has access to clean water and basic sanitation.

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Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

ROCKBlue helps improve more than 23 Million lives

Founded in 2013, ROCKBlue has quickly grown to become one of the most effective and wide-reaching water and sanitation organizations in the world. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our diverse global team and roster of 140 industry specialists, we partner with utilities in the developing world, helping them to improve more than 23 million lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

And our unique knowledge-sharing approach supports the work of WASH experts in 50 countries.

ROCKBlue believes that water impacts everything, and is the fuel that powers a healthy, strong and sustainable world.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has access to clean water and basic sanitation.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of people in urban areas of developing countries with water.

Our Promise

To empower our partners — local water utilities and municipalities — to help create a healthier, brighter future for the people they serve and their communities.

Water Expertise. Across Borders.

Grounded by both decades of international and local, on-the-ground experience, we are tackling the global water crisis with durable real-world solutions.
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Our Global Team

Meet the passionate leadership and experts that embody ROCKBlue's spirit of generosity, drive and innovation to deliver tangible results and lasting change for people and communities in developing countries.
Meet our team
Peter Macy
Karen Pallansch
Richard Noth
Vicky Bhogal
Chris Fahlin
Satish Menon

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Our mission demands that we do everything in our power to create a world where people and communities have access to clean water and basic sanitation. Help us to fight the global water crisis and make the world a better place.
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Accountability. Transparency. Integrity.

As a leading global charity, we hold ourselves accountable and carry out our work with a deep commitment to transparency, using every dollar donated with careful attention to efficiency and effectiveness to make the greatest impact possible on those in need. We also insist on the highest ethical conduct of all employees, volunteers and partners. Our strong standing in these areas is reflected in the fact that we are highly rated by the charity watchdog organization, GuideStar. ROCKBlue is an organization you can trust.
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Working closely with corporate and NGO partners helps us engage and inspire people through tangible actions that directly impact our water and sanitation work — improving people's lives and creating healthy, sustainable cities.
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