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ROCKBlue's WULUW a global initiative is helping overcome the WASH gender gap by inspiring women and girls everywhere to pursue and excel in WASH careers. Our mentors, some of the world's leading WASH experts and utility managers, are innovative and change-making forces in the world of water and sanitation.

Women's Urban Leadership in Utility WASH

Women's Urban Leadership in Utility WASH

At ROCKBlue, we believe that when women and girls are encouraged to discover, make their mark on and lead in WASH — a sector that is traditionally dominated by men — communities across the world gain new power in the fight against the global water crisis.

Empowering Women

Women are underrepresented in WASH, from technical careers like engineers and water chemists, to leadership roles such as utility managers and policymakers.

WULUW empowers and inspires women to pursue careers and take on leadership roles to put our planet on the path to a more water-secure future.

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Women's Urban Leadership in Utility WASH

Women Need Your Help

When they succeed, families thrive, industries become more inclusive and dynamic, and economies flourish.
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