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ROCKBlue works with local partners in urban areas of 5 sub-Saharan African countries — impacting more than 23 million lives with clean water and basic sanitation, while helping to create healthy, sustainable cities in these developing nations.

Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

Why we focus on Africa?

Africa is rich in raw beauty, natural resources, cultural tapestry, great promise and untapped potential. But the continent faces development challenges, climate change impacts and rapid urbanization that has left one in three Africans facing the challenge of water security. By 2030, half of all Africans will live in cities and towns, further straining already limited capacity and resources as the demand for water and sanitation infrastructure and service increases.

We also reach water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) professionals in 50 countries through our Online Lecture Series (OLS) global knowledge-sharing initiative.


With political stability and one of the fastest growing economies on the continent, Zambia is an African success story. Yet, an estimated 4.8 million Zambians lack regular access to clean water and more than 6.5 million live without adequate sanitation facilities — contributing to high rates of infant mortality and childhood malnutrition.

ROCKBlue partners with Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC) to support serving 2.3 million people across the sprawling capital city, Lusaka (pictured) and its namesake province.

Lusaka - Zambia


Although a nation of resilient people and great potential, Zimbabwe continues to grapple with a longstanding economic crisis made worse by a years-long drought that has left water sources at their lowest levels in a century, causing a severe water and sanitation crisis. Only 29.5 percent of citizens have access to safely managed water and just 9.5 percent have basic sanitation facilities.

ROCKBlue partners with  municipalities in Ruwa, Mutare (pictured), Masvingo and Kwekwe — to help serve 500,000 people.

Mutare - Zimbabwe


Lesotho (le-soo-too), the stunningly beautiful, mountainous kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa, is a water-rich country. But much of its ample supply sold to South African provinces and far too little of it reaches its own citizens who need it most – water is the nation's largest source of foreign exchange.

ROCKBlue partners with Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) to help serve 500,000 people across the country, including in its capital, Maseru (pictured).

Maseru - Lesotho


Small, peaceful and beautiful Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with more than half of its citizens living below the poverty line. Water covers more than one-fifth of the country, providing 87 percent of Malawians with access to an improved water source. Even so, breakneck population growth and poor infrastructure in this densely-packed country contribute to water stress.

ROCKBlue partners with Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) to to help serve 540,000 people in the capital, Lilongwe (pictured), and across the country.

Lilongwe - Malawi


Although Mozambique has an immense farming economy with 80 percent of the country's workforce employed in agriculture, 37 percent of its citizens reside in cities and towns. A lack of access to clean water, basic sanitation and healthy hygiene practices contribute to outbreaks of diarrheal diseases and cholera.

ROCKBlue partners with Operation Water to support serving 500,000 people across 8 towns — including Maputo, pictured here — with safely managed water, saving and improving lives, while promoting sustainable, long-term economic growth.



A photegenic nation with a rich cultural history, Ghana has made significant strides in providing water services on a national level. But dspite this progress, only 36 percent of Ghanians have access to a safely managed water source, while just 18 percent can rely on basic sanitation. With explosive population growth and rapid urbanization, the country faces real challenges to meet the water and sanitation needs of its cities.

ROCKBlue partners with Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to help serve 14,000,000 people across the country.

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ROCKBlue recognizes the importance of partners in building a future where everyone has access to clean water and basic sanitation, and we welcome NGOs, corporations and international financiers as collaborators.
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