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2023 Internal strategic plan

ROCKBlue works with local partners in urban areas of 5 sub-Saharan African countries — impacting more than 5 million lives with clean water and basic sanitation, while helping to create healthy, sustainable cities in these developing nations.

Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

From the inside out

Between helping our utility partners to serve 22 million people, providing Online Lecture Series (OLS) webinars to inform and educate WASH professionals in over 50 countries, and empowering and inspiring women to take on leadership roles in the fight against the global water and sanitation crisis, the last few years have been a busy time for ROCKBlue. As we work together to tackle new challenges, here are our four primary objectives for this year from our internal strategic plan, which provides direction on goals, strategies and actions to advance our mission.

ROCKBlue’s utility performance achievement workshop series (PAWS) has opened our eyes to the experiences of colleague water utilities in the Region and the sharing of possible solutions.” - Municipality of Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Objective #1

Financial Sustainability

Financial stability is crucial to our mission of improving the lives of people in urban areas of developing countries with affordable and sustainable water and sanitation services. So, we must:

  • Grow finances to increase the number of paid staff
  • Maintain our low operating costs
  • Continue to grow and strengthen our finance and accounting team
Money concept showing US Dollar sinking in water
Objective #2

Utility customer satisfaction

Our local utility partners form the backbone of efforts, working hard to provide safely-managed clean water and sanitation services to their communities. To ensure their success, we will focus on:

  • Maintaining high partner utility satisfaction rates
  • Improving skills of partner utility management teams
  • Providing critical connections for utility partners
Utility customer satisfaction
Objective #3

SDG Impact

For us to help meet UN SDG #5, achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls; #6, ensure water and sanitation for all; and #11, make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, means:

  • SDG 6 & 11: Sustain existing impacts with current utility partnerships
  • SDG 6 & 11: Improve access to sanitation for all through innovative and successful urban water leadership
  • SDG 5: Increase female leadership through our WULUW Initiative
SDG Impact
Objective #4

Team engagement and durability

Teamwork, cooperation and collaboration are the foundation of our success — and key to our growth and impact. To take our efforts to the next level this year, we will work to:

  • Understand and continually monitor team member engagement
  • Transparently address any low engagement
  • Proactively help team members grow their skills and responsibilities
  • Build redundancy and more systems to minimize the effects of any departing or transferred team members
Team Engagement and Durability
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