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Maseru - Lesotho


Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) is a government-owned company mandated to deliver water and sewerage services in 16 urban centers across the Kingdom of Lesotho, a landlocked mountainous country surrounded by South Africa. With a population of about 2.1 million, WASCO provides water to an estimated 500,000 people across the 16 urban areas, including the capital city of Maseru.

We also reach water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) professionals in 50 countries through our Online Lecture Series (OLS) global knowledge-sharing initiative.

The challenge

Although Lesotho is a water-rich enclave, little of its freshwater supply reaches those with the most severe need.

As is the case with water sector utilities in low- and middle-income areas, WASCO is faced with myriad challenges risking its financial viability and impacting its ability to sustain reliable service.

Making matters worse, WASCO has faced challenges, including aging infrastructure creating supply issues, payment delinquencies creating cash flow problems, a lack of agility in adopting new technology and capacity gaps in its management and operational personnel.


The solution

Since forming a partnership in 2016, ROCKBlue helped the water utility to overhaul its operations by adopting a holistic approach.


The outcomes

ROCKBlue partnered with the utility's management to strengthen strategic planning and capacity building. This helped the utility in:

  • Their development of proposals for funding infrastructure projects.
  • Installation of bulk water meters at three critical distribution reservoirs to help combat non-revenue water (water lost to leakage or theft).
  • The creation of district metering areas for quick water balance estimates.
  • Increasing production capacity through additional boreholes.
  • Collecting 5% of its outstanding debt with 100% billing, while continuing service to its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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