Why do we focus on utilities

Why do we focus on Utilities?

ROCKBlue works with local partners in urban areas of 5 sub-Saharan African countries — impacting more than 5 million lives with clean water and basic sanitation, while helping to create healthy, sustainable cities in these developing nations.

To create healthier and wealthier cities

Millions, particularly women and children, in the urban centers of the developing world fall ill and many die due to the lack of adequate water and sanitation services. Poor health has a tangible and debilitating impact on the economic performance and growth of cities and countries.

Many commercial, industrial and government organizations are severely impacted by inadequate water and sanitation services; thus, further restraining the economy. With the right approach, healthier and wealthier cities are possible.

Lusaka - Zambia

To improve the lives of women and children

Women and children often dedicate precious time and energy to collect fresh water at a distance from their homes. For women, this can often be a dangerous walk, but also time that could be used on education, a career or entrepreneurship.

Children are deprived of sufficient childhood development activities and experiences. The time spent collecting water could be spent at school, studying, exploring or playing. With the right approach, however, lives can be improved and enriched.

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Mutare - Zimbabwe

To prevent the outbreak and spread of waterborne diseases

Children, the elderly and sick suffer more than most from poor sanitation and water. Cholera and diarrhea can be fatal to the very young and the elderly. Disease outbreaks place a heavy burden on government healthcare facilities. Clinics and hospitals seldom have the capacity to treat mass outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

The lack of easily available drinking water and waste removal and the collateral damage caused by it debilitates societies. With the right approach, this is a problem that can be solved.

Maseru - Lesotho

To prepare cities for the future

The population of the African continent is projected to be about 50 percent urbanized by 2020. It is unlikely that water and sanitation utilities, already struggling to provide water and sanitation services for the current inhabitants of urban areas, will be able to cope with this mass influx.It is vital that utilities adequately plan and prepare for this rapid growth.

With the right approach, the potential problems associated with urbanization can be mitigated.

Lilongwe - Malawi

Start of the utility focus

We are a diverse team of seasoned international development and utility operations experts. We each have first-hand experience with the water and sanitation challenges faced by the developing world. Prior to ROCKBlue, it pained us to stand witness to a situation that could be corrected. It was thus that sleeves were rolled up, experts got together and the ROCKBlue approach was developed. Our unique approach will be transformational.

By empowering water and sanitation utilities with the knowledge and guidance required to successfully operate independently, the lives of those living in cities will be significantly improved. And, it will ensure the durability of the investments and initiatives of participant stakeholders.

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ROCKBlue recognizes the importance of partners in building a future where everyone has access to clean water and basic sanitation, and we welcome NGOs, corporations and international financiers as collaborators.
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