2019 Annual Report

It is my great pleasure to share with you our 2019 Annual Report. Please click on the link below:

ROCKBlue 2019 Annual Report 


I hope you’ll read it in its entirety. But, as it is long – yes, we accomplished a lot – I’ll summarize the report herein.

It was a successful year for our small but ambitious non-profit, ROCKBlue. It’s not to say we did not have our challenges or that it was errorless. Those hiccups, such as getting about in Zimbabwe, were a part of our year. But we used them as learning and growth opportunities to improve.

We owe all accomplishments to our hard working partner utilities. And the many generous donors that supported us this year. These donors offered both financial and in-kind (labour) contributions. Financial contributions exceeded our requests by 56 percent! Our utility Specialists volunteered countless hours of their valuable time. Time for both our utility partners in five countries as well as our four Initiatives.

You’ll find the following topics in this year’s Annual Report.

  • A brief history of ROCKBlue (pp3)
  • Brief highlights of accomplishments (pp7)
  • Detailed achievements:
    • New utility partnerships (pp9)
    • Results for these partnerships (11)
    • Description of non-utility partnerships (pp13)
    • Details about our Roster of over 100 Specialists (pp14)
    • Explanation of our four Initiatives (pp15)
    • Our growing ROCKBlue team (pp20)
  • Those we want to thank (pp22)
  • Brief financial overview (pp23)
  • Plans for 2020 (pp25)
  • Testimonials (pp26)

We hope you’ll have a spectacular year and we appreciate your continued support.

Peter Macy