October 2019 – From the Founder’s Desk

The October 2019 newsletter is dedicated to the Specialists and others that have graciously volunteered to help us with our Utility Performance Enhancement Series (UPES) workshops.

We are blessed to have the support of six professionals who have already given hours of their valuable time to prepare for the 1st workshop coming up next month. Besides preparing their presentations to the Delegates of the UPES workshops, they are also working with some of the utilities ahead of time in the weeks prior to the workshop.

We have two with World Bank experience; and they are Aldo Baietti presenting on performance improvement plans (PIPs) as well as Nick Tandi who will facilitate the 1st workshop in November. Then we have Jeremy Gorelick and Chris Serjak, both with recent experience on the USAID-funded WASH-FIN project, and with a strong knowledge of capital finance.

Finally, we have Francisco Cubillo, previously with Canal de Isabel II in Spain and who has worked extensively with the Inter-American Development Bank and the International Water Association on the development of the AguaRating tool. He will be working with Satish Menon, a co-Founder of ROCKBlue, with application of the AguaRating tool for two of our partners. Collectively these specialists have over 16 decades of experience to share with the Delegates of our UPES workshops.

Finally, I would like to point out that the UPES is somewhat experimental; and, if as successful as we feel it will be, we plan on replicating it for our other partners (present and future) – all for the purpose of improving performance of our partner service providers.