Non-Revenue Water Reduction & Network Pressure Management


In this lecture, you will learn about one of the most effective tools for reducing non-revenue water (leakages). You will learn about the steps required, hardware/software necessary, effort required, and learn from actual examples.

Part 1

Presentation by Ronnie McKenzie

Part 2

Presentation by Niel Meyer

Part 3

Question and Answer Session

About the presenters

Ronnie McKenzie – Water Demand and Water Resource Management Specialist at WRP Consulting Engineers

Ronnie McKenzie of WRP Pty Ltd specializes in Water Demand Management with more than 30 years of experience. He developed and presented >100 papers, courses and workshops throughout the world, and introduced the internationally recognized Burst and Background Estimate (BABE) water demand management techniques to numerous countries. Ronnie also developed Leakage Benchmarking software for the South Africa Water Research Commission, the Australian Water Supply Association and the New Zealand Water and Waste Association. In the past few years, Ronnie has initiated several large leakage reduction projects which have won several international awards for technical excellence (SAACE, SAICE, IWA and IMESA). He was responsible for the development and presentation of many training courses in Water Demand Management and more than 50 courses throughout the world. He is a fellow of the SA Institution of Civil Engineering, IWA and WISA and is a past Chairman of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group.

Niel Meyer – Manager and Technical Specialist at WRP Consulting Engineers

Niel Meyer is an associate and senior engineer at WRP. He specializes in NRW assessments, water demand management and pressure management. Countries he has worked in includes South Africa, Rwanda, India, Australia, Zimbabwe and Philippines. His experience includes NRW assessment, IWA water balance, water demand management strategies, design and implementation of several large pressure management and meter installations, smart pressure control, hydraulic modelling of supply systems, sectorizing areas in management districts (DMA’s), construction supervision, project management, logging of pressures and flows and analysis of logging results, meter audits and active leakage control. He has presented many workshops and training courses on Water Demand Management throughout Southern Africa, India, Philippines and Australia and was involved with the development of various software packages and databases used for leakage control and analysis.

Additional Resources

Development of a standardised approach to evaluate burst and background losses in water distribution systems
Introduction to Pressure Managment by Ronnie McKenzie
Logging of Pressure and Flows by Ronnie McKenzie

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