Workshop no. 1 – PAWS Initiative

Some teams drove for over 15 hours into the night. Others had to fly because there was no fuel at their local petrol stations. And, two almost crashed when their flight suffered a major hail and lightning strike. But, despite these major challenges, the Performance Achievement Workshop Series (PAWS), Workshop number 1, was a resounding success! We received many positive comments from the attendees like the one below.

“We were and really are grateful for the opportunity that you offered us, to learn from the best – who are very keen to see us improve not for the better but best. It was really a good experience and we hope what we learnt will go a long way in helping the communities we serve.

Once more I would like to thank you on behalf of the Mutare team for all the efforts you made to ensure we enjoyed our stay.

It was a memorable experience and we promise that all your efforts won’t go in vain; we shall do our best and work closely so that we achieve the best.”

ROCKBlue with its partner utilities are driven by data and results. And ROCKBlue is pioneering a unique approach towards the end goal of helping our partners see significant and rapid results. We do this through a series of three workshops.

The PAWS Initiative is a “tool” to drive these results. And, the PAWS workshops parallel our results-orientated Partnership Tracking Form (PTF). They also parallel our Benchmarking Initiative. A key approach of PAWS is, with the PTF, having utilities commit to Quick Wins between Workshop #1 and Workshop #2. They also commit to Intermediate Results between Workshop #2 and Workshop #3. Then, continuing that goal-oriented momentum forward after Workshop #3. Also, we have monthly check-in points between workshops, via SKYPE, to drive progress.

Workshop #1 exceeded our expectations. The seven invited utilities committed to over 100 “Quick Wins”. These wins will improve their performance before Workshop #2 – in early 2020. They will also have a dramatic impact on improving water and sanitation to five million. The utilities also committed to over 100 Intermediate Results by Workshop #3. Again, for the ultimate goal of improving performance.

The 21 Delegates listened to technical and practical presentations. These were on subjects of direct importance in their effort to achieve their goals. Our Specialists generously volunteering to attend Workshop #1. These were Aldo Baietti, Jeremy Gorelick, Francisco Cubillo and Satish Menon. They presented on the topics of capital finance, performance improvement planning and benchmarking.

While we’re pleased with the results of Workshop #1, we’ve only begun. The hard work, getting us to Workshop #2 and #3, and meeting the commitments we’ve made, is still ahead of us.