How ROCKBlue guides and drives results

How ROCKBlue guides and drives results

ROCKBlue focuses on results. Results that stand the test of time.

We thought we would share with you one of the tools we use to push results. That is, our Partnership Tracking Form (PTF). It has proven to be highly effective. So, we’re happy to share it freely with others.

It’s a simple one to two-page document that outlines only the top three to five objectives of our partners. For example, reducing leakages and unaccounted for water.

The PTF registers benchmark data, quick wins and intermediate results for key goals only. That is the goals of the utility. The PTF then tracks ROCKBlue’s performance as well as that of our partners.

The simplicity of this document ensures it’s regularly reviewed, used and reported. Its simplicity makes it easy to share with a utility’s Board or Council as well as other stakeholders. It helps maintain the momentum of making operational improvements.

The document is updated through daily, weekly and monthly communication. It provides details the utilities can use to promote themselves and their accomplishments. This helps restore or establish positive impressions of their performance. And, one of the critical tools for soliciting support (e.g., a loan).

The document contains benchmark data. That is, the status of key priorities when ROCKBlue started. For example, the percentage of leakage. As such, it’s easy to quantify and qualify actual improvements. These are the “quick wins” and “Intermediate Results” registered on the PTF over time.

The PTF’s are also shared with their peers. Importantly, other utilities in the region. We do this through our utility Performance Achievement Workshop Series (PAWS). This too helps put a spotlight on the objectives. But, more importantly, the incremental improvements. Peer pressure – it works.

Altogether, we at ROCKBlue have found the tool impactful. We encourage others to use this or similar tools.