Help Four Million People Before 22 March - World Water Day

Your Contributions can Help Four Million People Before 22 March – World Water Day

What if your kitchen tap dripped brown, contaminated water or you had to use a toilet in your backyard? For millions, this is reality not a ‘what if’. ROCKBlue exists to address these facts:

  • Over five billion people in urban areas of the developing world don’t have access to safe water. A fact that results in 4 million children dying each year.
  • Vulnerable people are desperate for help in some of the most challenging places on the globe such as in Zimbabwe during its current drought
  • Two thousand died in Zimbabwe’s last cholera outbreak – we must prevent this from happening again.

ROCKBlue’s utility performance achievement workshop series (PAWS), a series of three, has already proven its remarkable success. As World Water Day approaches on 22 March, we are laser-focused on PAWS Workshop #2. This workshop is critical to maintain the momentum of improved water and sanitation to the 4 million people served by our partner utilities. For example, despite the crippling conditions in Zimbabwe, following Workshop #1, Ruwa was still able to drill wells to mitigate the drought.

In order to host the 2nd Workshop and continue these lifesaving impacts, we need to raise $30,000 by World Water Day.

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Workshop #2 will again bring the expertise of top international water specialists to support senior management capacity building within our utility partners in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Lesotho, and impact the lives of the millions they serve.

The goal of PAWS for our utility partners, is to:

  • Ensure that delivered water is potable
  • Provide uninterrupted service to all customers
  • Connect high density, low-income, informal settlements before the rains
  • Lower non-revenue water (water that is simply lost) from upwards of 60% to less than 30%
  • Enable our partners to become sustainable, bankable, corporatized entities

Your support is critical to helping ROCKBlue raise the $30,000 for Workshop #2 and continue to support our partner utilities to serve their communities better. And, to contribute to the prevention of thousands of unnecessary deaths, illness and suffering of predominantly the elderly, women and children.

ROCKBlue is a US-registered 501(c) and a registered non-profit in South Africa, headquartered in Somerset West, South Africa.

We and the 4 million people we serve, appreciate your support!

What your support provides: 


– 1 day accommodation/meals for 1 Malawian attendee from LWB (serving 540,000) to Workshop #2, or

– 1 day accommodation/meals for 1 attendee from Zambia from LWB (serving 2.3M) to Workshop #2, or

-1 day accommodation/meals for 1 attendee from WASCo in Lesotho (serving 500,000) to Workshop #2, or

-1 day accommodation/meals for 1 attendee from any one of the four municipalities (e.g., Mutare serving 200,000) in Zimbabwe to Workshop #2.


– Full transport of 2 Zimbabweans from Mutare to Workshop #2, or

– Full transport of 1 from LWSC in Zambia to Workshop #2, or

– 1 day of venue cost for Workshop #2.


– Full day labor of utility specialist at Workshop #2. There are three specialists presenting on:

  1. a) performance improvement planning,
  2. b) utility financing and
  3. c) non-revenue water reduction, or

– Full transport of 1 person from WASCo in Lesotho to Workshop #2, or

– The venue costs for Workshop #2, attended by 30 people, who are tasked with serving over 4 million with water and sanitation


– All costs for all utility specialists at Workshop #2, or

– All costs for facilitator for all 3 Workshops.


– Full transport of all participants from WASCo in Lesotho for entire Workshop series, or

– All lodging and meal costs for all specialists and facilitator for entire Workshop series.


– All transportation for participants from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi for entire Workshop series, or

– All labor costs for all specialists and facilitators for entire Workshop series