World Water Day 22 March 2020

22 March World Water Day

World Water Day is a time to focus on the precious resource of water and re-dedicate ourselves to addressing a major problem. A problem that normally we don’t see. When we want water, we simply open the tap and it flows freely. When we use the bathroom, it’s indoors, safe and dignified.

Unfortunately, for 5.1 billion urban citizens of the developing world, a lack of access to water and sanitation facilities can cost them their health, if not their lives. For example, 54 percent of the urban population in sub-Saharan Africa (197 million people) lack access to safe water. Nearly 50 percent of the urban population of the developing world drinks water that is contaminated, resulting in 1.4 million children dying each year from preventable diseases. Many people, primarily women and young girls, are forced to walk great distances to fetch that contaminated water.

Water is a literal lifeline

Together, we have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards ensuring potable water and dignified sanitation for those who lack access. ROCKBlue is helping strengthen key and influential stakeholders – namely, the leadership teams of water utilities in large urban centers.

ROCKBlue’s mission is to have a significant impact on United Nations Sustainable Goal 6 (SDG 6) for water and sanitation, as well as United Nations Sustainable Goal 11 (SDG 11) for sustainable cities. We help ensure that communities, where we work, are healthy – so that their economies can be healthy too. We work in some of the most challenging places on the globe such as in Zimbabwe during its current drought.

In order for us to offer our services (at no cost to utilities) ROCKBlue relies on the generosity of others. While we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we have received and the dedication to this cause, we are continuing to grow in order to have a much larger impact.

Please join us in addressing the global water crisis impacting over 2.5 billion people, by supporting our efforts.

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