Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company Going from Strength to Strength

Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company Going from Strength to Strength

When ROCKBlue initially started with the Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC) in 2018, they had new leadership, about 2.3 million customers and enormous challenges. Their first request of ROCKBlue was assisting them with a rapid performance improvement plan (PIP) to address the highest priorities in a short span of time. They put that input to good use.

Since then ROCKBlue has assisted in a number of other areas such as helping them coordinate with their donors/partners (e.g. for funding), helped with their Covid-19 emergency response plan, improving knowledge and capacity through our Performance Achievement Workshop Series (PAWS) and Online Lecture Series (OLS), assisting them to lower their non-revenue water (e.g., leakage) reduction, with benchmarking performance using AguaRating and monthly operational improvement monitoring and adjustment using our PTF tool .

But the most significant change was the result of their Managing Director, Jonathan Kampata. Despite all the challenges, including recently the Covid-19 pandemic, he is still moving the LWSC in a forward direction. He is a quiet leader who leads by example rather than force. Despite being relatively new in his position, his impacts are starting to be felt. This demonstrates how important leadership in an organization can be.

ROCKBlue recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Kampata for an award he received from NWASCO the regulatory agency of Zambia for the water sector. He was voted the CEO of the year for 2019. And, to top off the accolade, LWSC also moved up in its rankings from number 5 to number 3 of all the utilities in the country.

His leadership could not have come at a better time with aging infrastructure, diminished budgets, a growing service area (they now serve up to 3 million people) and the Coronavirus pandemic which among other strains has resulted in a 40 percent reduction in revenue.

Today we salute Mr. Kampata and his team at LWSC!